Danish-born and bi-lingual Mikala Ritzau is based in the UK and Denmark.

Academic qualifications and interests:


Mikala, Susie Green and Sue Cox were commissioned by West Midlands Strategic Health Authority to develop a DVD toolkit ‘Having a Say in the NHS’ which would help healthcare staff to involve and engage with service users.

From the launch of the DVD toolkit in 2007 Mikala and colleague Dr Susie Green designed and delivered a new, innovative training programme for the National Health Service called 'Having a Say in the NHS' to give health professionals the confidence and skills to work with service-users and patients and build a dialogue to improve services. 'Having a Say in the NHS' delivered highly valued and thought-provoking programmes such as 'Learning to Listen and Engage' and various workshops to 'Train the Trainer'.

In 2010, Mikala advised Local Government (Improvement and Development) and Involve on the development of its 'Not another consultation! Making community engagement informal and fun' publication for the Healthy Communities programme.

Mikala has contributed and piloted the development of a course curriculum for women suffering from Postnatal Depression in Gloucestershire which was successfully run by a health visitor and a breast feeding councilor

Mikala’s MSc research project explored maternity service user’s perspective on postal community support. The research findings on women’s views of postnatal support groups have been presented to health professionals, voluntary bodies and conferences.

Case Studies: To come